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Benefitting patients by fuelling the spark of drug discovery through powerful predictive analytics

Stratified Medical unites traditional pharmaceutical development methodology with powerful predictive analytical capabilities to augment the research capabilities of our drug scientists so that they can incorporate more, understand more, and discover more.

JACS©  Intelligence

The Judgment Augmented Correlation System (JACS) is an artificial intelligence technology that amplifies the way a scientist mines, connects and creates new knowledge. It self-learns and attempts to understand the subtle relationships that exists in scientific information, using vast neural networks – machine networks that simulate the web of neurons in the human brain

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“We are changing the way drug discovery is done“

Ferret AI

We also developed It acts as your private assistant, automatically linking articles to third-party data sources and services. With 35+ data integrations, connects the scientific knowledge embedded in articles to a wide range of data sources including ChEMBL, KEGG, UniProt, Altmetric, figshare and PubPeer. | @getferret

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Stratified Medical is discovering ways of treating the most significant diseases. We’re always interested to hear from exceptionally talented people. Ready to change the world? Join us!

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